Efficient mixing in drinking water reservoirs

Drinking water reservoirs play a central role in the implementation of safe access to drinking water in our cities and communities. The treatment and filtration processes to produce drinking water can be costly, and to ensure the final product to the consumers is of the highest standard, quality must be maintained within the storage facilities. Within the storage facilities the water can deteriorate through “stratification“ leading to undesirable odour and taste variations, as well as critical chemical concentration variations which can result on the delivered water being outside regulatory guidelines.

Stratification in drinking water reservoirs impacts water quality. During the stratification process, different water layers with different temperatures occur. There is no fluid exchange between these layers. This leads to longer dwell times for a part of the water and thus to algal formation, subsequent germination and/or uncontrolled chemical concentrations. All this can easily be prevented by the implementation of the INVENT HYPERMIX®-Agitator, a mixing element developed especially for complete volume movement. This mixing system helps to displace the water layers and to prevent them re-forming.

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